IMPORTANT: Challenge the ban on the Hijab in football!

AN issue that is quite important for the Asian community, please take a few minutes to read this and consider the call to action at the bottom.

As you may know the law making body of FIFA, the IFAB, meets this weekend in London (please see this overview of their role

You may also be aware that the hijab was banned from football a few years ago by the IFAB, ostensibly on the grounds of safety.

At the heart of the issue is that the ban restricts the ability of Muslim women to play football – millions of women in Europe, Asia, Africa and beyond.

The second issue is also that potentially any religious head covering could fall under the terms of the ban (or a new extended ban). It is clear that the current ban and the issues of principle it raises (‘no religion in football’) has a big impact on Asian communities and other minority groups. Potentially Sikhs, Rastafarians and Jews could also have their religious head wear banned, on the grounds of safety.

The FA are fortunate, because of the history of FIFA they have a special role. David Bernstein and the Presidents of the FAW, SFA and FAI will all have a vote on whether to lift the ban or not. We have most sway with these guys, they represent countries where we live. I dont know which way they will vote but they can be influenced.

What you can do:

1. Write to your FA president (for most of us its David Bernstein at the FA) asap making your views clear
2. Issue a public statement from your organisation calling for the ban to be lifted
3. Write to FIFA. The main himself, Sepp Blatter, I would suggest. Say you support Prince Ali’s motion to remove the ban

See these links for a background overview:

Please share this information.

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